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"Kiani Industrial Workshop" began its activity by manufacturing injection and blow moldings in 1986. Following the request of the customers, the company began to produce plastic parts in 1997. In this direction, the company started its second unit in Shahriyar and in the year 2001 due to increased productions and inadequate space began to provide its third unit Malard, Shariyar in the area of 1500m2. Then company changed name to "Kiyani manufacturing and Industrial group". The group has been able to provide complete possibilities regarding manufacturing and producing many kinds of blow and injection plastic moldings and parts, also silk printing according to ISO9001 standards. We are honored to be among the first rank of the producers of two-colored valves and bottles that their liquid is clearly demonstrated. Other activities of group includes cooperation with major companies such as Behran petroleum, Alvand oil, Iranol, Foman shimi, zam zam, Osveh pharmaceuticals and some foreign investor companies like FUCHS, and other producing and packaging companies in the field of chemicals and hygiene. Our objectives to obtain the satisfaction of our customers, and our general policy includes:

1- Attempting toward providing the view points and proposals of our customers.

2- Providing high quality products

3- Paying attention to the continuous innovation of the production line and machinery, purchase and replacement of tools and more advanced devices.

4- Using appropriate purchasing system and high quality raw materials.

5- Continuous revision of the objectives of the group and making attemption to provide new plans and suitable containers for packaging Optimized use of producing capacity with appropriate planning.


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